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  • File icon MSKLC Keyboard for Tem for FR hardware
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Download Tools for creating Tem (Kotokoli) language documents: specialized keyboards for typing Tem on English keyboards (qwerty) or French keyboards (azerty), and recommendations for Fonts to use for Tem documents.

To type Tem on your Android smartphone, download the file below named Tem-kɩ́mankʊ́-17.06.30apk then install it on your phone!

1. installable keyboards to easily type Tem on your computer

Taper Tem sur clavier FR

2. instructions for using the Tem keyboards (see the TemDv4FR Guide.doc inside the MSKLC zip file)

3. links to download a free utility called MSKLC (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) and also other free unicode fonts from www.sil.org

Thanks for your patience with the Tem Language Committee (CLTem) in Sokode. 

If your need is urgent you can make an appointment to see the computer technician at ABTem, in Sokode, or send us a message using the link below: