Genesis and the New Testament Tem

The brand new Tem translation of Genesis and the Injil (also known as the New Testament) was just launched on April 18, 2020. It is a beautiful book with gold embossed letters on a soft vinyl cover.

image with both sides of the cover

Both covers are in Tem, but one side is in Roman script and the other side in Ajami script, which uses adapted Arabic letters to write Tem.

Most of the book is in Roman script,

Example of Tem Roman script page

but the right hand side contains a selection of passages in Ajami script, very beautiful pages with red letter vowels.


Example page in Tem Ajami script

In the cover pages, some Tem verses are in both Ajami and Roman script: 


Example page in both Tem Adami and Romain scripts

We hope everyone will appreciate the beautiful details.

Book binding

The regular price is 3000F, but the 2020 launch the price is only 2,000 FCFA. Available in Sokodé at ABTem on the CEG Tchawanda road. +,


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